2016 Sculptures

Ruin II

Neil J. Wiffill

Best of Show

Stone Circle

Neil J. Wiffill

Reminds me of sitting around the camp fire.

How Many Kisses

James Haire

I enjoy a challenge. I delighted in the challenge of creating a sculpture with a 100 lb girl suspended above the ground. How Many Kisses celebrates the joys of youth and the suspension of gravity.

HOPE Rising

Curtis Rose

Here are two separate Mobius patterns. The Anchor/Cross seems to have four edges and four surfaces; "HOPE" seems to have one of each. The entire piece has one surface and two separate edges.

Making New Friends

Curtis Rose

"I am really looking forward to a New Reality where there are no bullies, no anger, no sorrow…" "Oh Happy Day!"

Mother of Diversity

BHS Students

Shooting Star

Nathan Ferrise & Noah Ferrise

When you wish upon a star you can make dreams come true. Proceeds from the sale of this sculpture will be donated to a charity to make a child’s dream come true.

Tea Kettle Garden

Taylor Andrews

This tea kettle garden is made out of some pretty simple supplies. Its natural elements allow you to carry a piece of the wild with you, even if you're only sitting in your living room.

Meet the Cacti: Shy, Spry and Sly

Sara Nordling

Not known for having a green thumb, but still wanting a garden, I have developed these imaginative and whimsical cacti! Hand woven tubes of wool and cotton grow on PVC bases that are topped by crocheted cotton flowers.

Moose Family

Carole A. Richardson-Macklin

Moose are solitary animals. However, even though the young one stays with its Mother an extended time after birth, while the male is not present at birth or attached as a family member, I wanted the male to be present in the family as he is a magnificent looking animal with his show of palmate antlers.


Doc - Lawrence A. Wiedman, PhD

Sassafras log rescued from burn pile. Done by traditional Mallet and Gauge Subtraction Carving Yes, polar bears really do this, although no one is certain why, maybe it is just for fun

For Which it Stands

James Haire

All Under Heaven

Gregory Mendez

Android couple dancing/ willow tree waving.

Best of Show Mayor's Choice

Hangin Out

Judd Nelson

I love crows. They are smart, strong and resourceful. They also form strong family bonds and work together for the benefit of all. We could all learn from observing them.

This family of crows will be perched on top of a 7’ hi inverted pyramid. They are peering over the edge looking at us people below just as the viewers are peering up at them. Both groups are observing and studying each other. I like the interplay between the viewers and the sculpture.


Thomas Barker

Bill is a sewer monster.  He is a nice monster until you make him angry.  You wouldn't like him when he is angry. Bill started as a pile of metal that someone had deemed useless. From there, I just started to put the items together until Bill was created. Bill is a sewer monster. He likes to hang out in the sewers to avoid human contact. He travels through the sewers using his blades to clear the path. He is a fun, likable monster who keeps to himself most of the time; however every now and again he pops out of the sewer and creates a little mischief!

Apparition Indecision

Charles Yost

Sometimes apparitions are inspirations, only we decide. When an apparition appears to you, what do you do? Don’t be frightened, because, after all, it’s just an apparition.

Big Red Dice

Craig Snyder

Dice are fun. For many, dice mean gambling. It’s much more personal for me. I’ve spent hours playing dice games with my family. And many, many more hours during role-playing games with my friends. Games where the roll of the dice meant life or death for our alter egos.


Benjamin Pierce

"The use of diagonal lines create an unbalance/tension and the oculus is a focal point which engages peoples focus. Hopefully you will see something otherwise missed through my sculpture."

Twisted Melody

Alex Mendez

It looks better than it sounds.

Mother and Child

Helen Buescher-Miller

“My favorite theme for most of my art work is mothers and children. This sculpture is molded in stoneware clay and fired in a kiln at 2300 degrees. Earth Mother (2015 exhibit) & Mother and Child are part of a series done in high fire stoneware clay and porcelain, which is my favorite medium to create my sculptures.”

The Neighborhood

Gary Hovey

“Trees provide shelter, food, entertainment, beauty, and so much more. They are amazing living organisms that are a whole neighborhood for wildlife while being vital parts of our neighborhoods.”

Best of Show People's Choice

Lost in Space

Judd Nelson

Polar Bear

Dale Lewis

Sweet Pops of Brilliance

Craig Snyder


Nathan Pierce

Best of Show

Bi-Polar Apparition Attack

Charles Yost

Saguaro in Bloom 

Dale Lewis

Azure Cascades

Craig Snyder

Fitzroy's Guitar

Alex Mendez

I Know How This Ends; I Read the Book

Doc - Lawrence A. Wiedman, PhD

Letting Go

Judd Nelson

Committee Choice


Dale Lewis

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