Nathan Pierce

Nathan was brought up in the mid-west where his father, a third-generation stone mason, taught him the value of craftsmanship. From this experience grew an appreciation for the working man, as well as a passion for building things with his hands. His sculptures reflect not only his personal interest in architectural forms, but also a belief that communication plays a fundamental role in our perceptions of the world we live in. His work has always dealt with the conflicts of confinement and freedom and exploring catalyst between the two: building or destroying communication. “The material I use and the process of my work is directly influenced by experience. I come from a mid-west blue collar family that has been in the construction business four generations, and the idea to create sculpture from those same materials seemed natural and permanent. My decision to utilize the benefits of structural steel in my work also comes from being inspired by the fabrication process. I enjoy the dedication and commitment that is required with this material, it helps build character”. His work has been displayed extensively in juried exhibitions and outdoor sculpture programs across the Midwest.

Artist's Website

Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Space Bloom - 2019

I love the surprise that we get from seeing out of the ordinary things in ordinary places.
It is these things that help bring awareness to our surroundings and creates the opportunity to reimagine our sense of place. Use your imagination and discover new blooms.

Long Distance - 2018

Using our imaginations can be fun. What if there was a device that could send messages to faraway places. Who would we want to talk to and what would we want to say.

This device can be aimed in any direction for communicating over long distance.

Genesis - 2017

Connected - 2016

Stratum - 2015

Survival - 2015

Anywhere But Here - 2014

Device #1 - 2013

Loss of the Signal - 2012

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