Charles Yost

Charles Yost is a Chicago-based sculptor. He studied in Illinois at Monmouth College. At the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, he received a BFA in sculpture. While studying at Northern Illinois University, Yost pursued many forms and materials; bronze and aluminum casting, polyester resin, fiberglass, welded steel, stainless steel, welded aluminum fabrication. He achieved both a Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in sculpture. In his works, which have been displayed in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, Yost seeks to combine both geometric and organic elements; interacting forms and shapes. Kinetic movement in some pieces involve the viewer to set the forms in motion.

Chicago, Illinois


Pipe Trapped Apparitions #1 - 2019

An 'apparition' CAN lead to our goals, dreams, aspirations, hopes of peaceful cooperation. Even if we feel 'trapped', our apparitions can be inspirations.

Can't we all get along?

Apparitions Won, The Last One - 2018

"The Last One” means the start of something – not the end. Realizing that your potential is “1”, your goals, hopes, dreams, will turn apparitions into inspirations. Through the “twists and turns of life,” One will always face challenges that will lead to unlimited numbers of successes. Win or lose, there will always be another one.

Pipe Brackets - 2017

Nuisance - 2017

Apparition Indecision - 2016

Sometimes apparitions are inspirations, only we decide. When an apparition appears to you, what do you do? Don’t be frightened, because, after all, it’s just an apparition.

Bi-Polar Apparition Attack - 2016

Flag with Pole Protector - 2015

celestial, Constellation Corner with Intergalactic Pipes - 2015

Flag with Pole Protector - 2014

Splatted Totem with Piece Pipes - 2014

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