Sara Nordling

Meet the Cacti: Shy, Spry and Sly are woven tubes of wool and cotton topped by crocheted cotton flowers.  There is no sewing to make the tubes, they were woven in the round.  The cacti began as a weaving experiment, can I weave tube different on the inside than on the outside.  Once woven, the cacti lived in the dark of my cabinet, wanting to be something but not sure what.  One day I took them out and began to play.  Since I was playing, they took on a whimsical form. The plants grew, some taller, some shorter and all sprouted imaginative flowers.  They also started to take on personalities, some of them are a bit shy, ducking their flowers and hiding next to their neighbors.  Some of they are spry, standing upright and bold, ready to take on the world, and a few of them are sly, sneaking and peeking around the others.  All of them are harmless, not a spine to be seen.  None of them needs watering so they can live, contented in the window to charm passers by.

Fort Wayne, Indiana


Jellyfish - 2017

Meet the Cacti: Shy, Spry and Sly - 2016

Not known for having a green thumb, but still wanting a garden, I have developed these imaginative and whimsical cacti! Hand woven tubes of wool and cotton grow on PVC bases that are topped by crocheted cotton flowers.

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