Thomas Barker

I grew up in Decatur.  My family owned a local wrecker business.  During high school, I decided I wanted to make a skeleton for Halloween.  There was an old swing set in the junkyard and I decided I would use it to create the skeleton.  The skeleton was the first item I made and from there I created a witch and Frankenstein.   We used the sculptures each year as part of our Halloween decorations.  I have always enjoyed taking nothing and making it into something.  I hope to have some help from my boys on my next project.

Decatur, Indiana


Bill - 2016

Bill is a sewer monster.  He is a nice monster until you make him angry.  You wouldn't like him when he is angry. Bill started as a pile of metal that someone had deemed useless. From there, I just started to put the items together until Bill was created. Bill is a sewer monster. He likes to hang out in the sewers to avoid human contact. He travels through the sewers using his blades to clear the path. He is a fun, likable monster who keeps to himself most of the time; however every now and again he pops out of the sewer and creates a little mischief!

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