Curtis Rose

Inspired by a chance encounter with the artist M. C. Escher’s work featuring ants on a lattice in the early 70’s, Curtis Rose discovered the Mobius concept. He began his work with the Mobius concept by using paper to replicate the Mobius twist, however, when he discovered that the Mobius concept could be a sculpture, he experimented with materials such as ivory soap and wire to create the design. It was not until later in 2008 that he took interest in the wood forms of the sculpture, though, when he commissioned one to be made as a wedding gift and was given the opportunity to see the sculptor’s workshop. The sculptor gave him a scrap piece of mahogany to work with upon noting Curtis’s interest, and years later, that piece of wood became his first ever Mobius sculpture. Since that time, Curtis has been heavily motivated by the symbolism and beauty that he encounters in the natural world around him, in items such as tree stumps that others might not notice or pieces of other wood with interesting shapes, colors, and patterns.

Decatur, Indiana


Summers Delight - 2023

"Summer's Delight" is made up of 10 Mobius and non-Mobius sculptures in a puzzle-like format, with each piece being touchable and removable. "Summer's Delight" is especially geared for children to enjoy interaction with art and also for educational entertainment. Can you detect which pieces are a Mobius and which are not?

In Memory of Duke - 2022

In Memory of Duke

Duke was a beautiful Palomino owned by Dianne when she was a teenager.  He loved resting his head on her shoulder while getting 'TLC' rubs and an Apple treat.

Thinking About 8, ∞ & Happily Beyond! - 2021

“Thinking about 8, & Happily Beyond” has a single ‘edge’ and a single ‘surface’ but there is no place that it looks like it has “3” edges and surfaces, as have all of my previous twelve hundred-plus pieces. I thought I could not get it done, but ‘HERE’ it is!

Heaven on Earth - 2020

“Heaven On Earth”

(Symbolist Sculpture is made of Birch & a portion of the trunk of an unknown tree.)

Dianne Kay Rose & Curtis Delk Rose

A symbolist expression of some of the differences between where we are physically & where we Hope to be Eternally.

8-Eighty-8 - 2019

A "Mobius band Concept Sculpture" in "Tulip Poplar", Celebrating the 8th Anniversary of the "Decatur Sculpture Tour", and my very Favorite Number!

When God's Original Son, (we call Him "JESUS") was born, He was given the Hebrew name "YESHUA".  When that name was translated into the Ancient Greek language (an "Alphanumeric" language, where each letter has a numerical value) It became "IESOUS", which has the numerical value of "888".  And, "Yes". "Eight" is my favorite number!

Red, Yellow, Black and White - 2018

A Symbolic Representation of the "Body of Christ/Bride of Christ" putting its whole

Heart, Mind, Soul and Spirit into doing what God wants for us to do.

Putting everything we have into becoming the best "us" that we can possibly be.

"Have You started listening to Him yet?"

"M-1,188, ("Running Man Series" #2)

Bloodwood, Sugar Maple, Wenge and Yellowheart Wood

Alpha & Omega - 2017

Come Sail with Me - 2017

HOPE Rising - 2016

Here are two separate Mobius patterns. The Anchor/Cross seems to have four edges and four surfaces; "HOPE" seems to have one of each. The entire piece has one surface and two separate edges.

Making New Friends - 2016

"I am really looking forward to a New Reality where there are no bullies, no anger, no sorrow…" "Oh Happy Day!"

Listen to the Music - 2015

Mobi [Library Cat] - 2014

Donated by the artist.

Listen to the Music - 2014

Never Ending "Yes" - 2014

Going Back Home - 2013

Love Carried the Cross VIII - 2013

Learning to Dance VIII - 2012

TRUE Love Grows - 2012

Strong Heart II - 2012

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