Craig Snyder

Craig was bitten by the metal bug in the 00s and has since done numerous sculpture and public art pieces and commissions. His work has shown up in Sioux Falls, Mason City, Breckenridge, Edina, Kenosha, Urbana, Decatur and other cool towns. Craig continuously flips between left brain and right brain as he also does website development and programming. But, if he’s honest, the sculpture is much more intriguing. He works mostly with steel, but also mixes in stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, stone and wood into his sculptures. Craig has an affinity to color and often will use paint and vibrant patinas to create eye-catching and interesting pieces

Artist's Website

Plymouth, Minnesota


Persons of Interest - 2019

As an artist, I thrive on the diversity of the universe. It's such a strange and amazing place, and sculpture lets me explore it in new and exciting ways.

River Run - 2018

Tumbling flows of rushing water push their way to the sea. The river runs wild and imbues the land with myriad topographies. To be free like the river.

Titanic Bonsai - 2017

Big Red Dice - 2016

Dice are fun. For many, dice mean gambling. It’s much more personal for me. I’ve spent hours playing dice games with my family. And many, many more hours during role-playing games with my friends. Games where the roll of the dice meant life or death for our alter egos.

Sweet Pops of Brilliance - 2016

Azure Cascades - 2016

Agitated Avians - 2015

A Kid's Favorite - 2015

Cube Farmer - 2014

Xuberant - 2014

Family Tie on the Sofa - 2013

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