Judd Nelson

I grew up in Minnesota and love being in the outdoors observing the wildlife and totally immersing myself into all the varied landscapes. I started welding in my high school art class at age 15 and 2 years later I had my own set of welding tanks. At age 17 I was accepted into my first juried show. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with an art education degree with a major emphasis on metal sculpture. Out of college I taught art on a Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota and later in the public schools in Boise, Idaho. I still enjoy teaching and for the last few years have been teaching Teen Welding at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts.

For 14 years I worked for Hometime, a national public television show. My duties were both in front and behind the camera as their lead builder and coordinating the projects with the actors and directors to produce a home building show. Hometime videotaped three PBS shows as we developed the sculpture studio. I spend summers in Grand Marias where I have a sculpture studio and teach a class at the Art Colony.

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Wayzata, Minnesota


Clean up Crew - 2019

These two animals are nature's best cleanup crew, and I am showing them on the prowl looking for dinner, and in doing so, helping to clean up our environment. This is a life size sculpture of a 6 foot black bear with a crow getting a free ride on his back.

Slow Dancing - 2018

This is a sculpture of two cranes in love. They are slowly swaying back and forth in almost a hypnotic state. Just old fashion love all animals feel.

My sculptures are life size and the imagery is modern yet representational. The style is fluid and spontaneous, intent upon capturing movement and natural gestures that are typical of the animal or person. I add pieces of forged metal onto this basic structure I’ve created. My goal is to have the viewer’s recognize the figure and to feel its’ movement.

I also want the viewer to see the metal for what it is hot, molten, jagged and twisted pieces of steel. The previous life of this material is a beautiful contrast to the life and movement of living things.

Gang Activity - 2017

Hangin Out - 2016

I love crows. They are smart, strong and resourceful. They also form strong family bonds and work together for the benefit of all. We could all learn from observing them.

This family of crows will be perched on top of a 7’ hi inverted pyramid. They are peering over the edge looking at us people below just as the viewers are peering up at them. Both groups are observing and studying each other. I like the interplay between the viewers and the sculpture.

Lost in Space - 2016

Letting Go - 2016

Porky - 2015

Birds of a feather - 2015

Red Tail - 2013

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