Gregory Mendez

Born in 1981, Greg was raised in the rural town of Decatur, IN. He studied at the University of St. Francis School of Creative Arts in Ft. Wayne, IN graduating with a B.F.A. in sculpture.
Greg’s sculptures have been included in many juried public displays throughout the United States, and he has been the recipient of numerous awards.
In addition to permanently placed public works and commissions, he also participates in community development by promoting public art on a local level.

Decatur, Indiana


Red Tail Lantern - 2023

This sculpture depicts a hawk perched on a lamp post. Viewing the sculpture from different perspectives will give the impression of movement throughout the wings.

Sentinel - 2022

All Heart - 2022

In memory of Matthew Gorman

Kometes - 2021

“The name comet comes from the Greek word Kometes, meaning, ‘head of hair.’ ”

Tener Duende - 2021

“A Spanish term for a heightened state of emotion, expression, and authenticity.”

Blessed Mother - 2021

Hazel - 2020

Unwavering Discipline - 2020

In collaboration with Tiffany Mendez

Legato - 2019

Co-op with Neil J. Wiffill

The word legato is borrowed from musical language. It expresses quality of movement in which flow doesn't stop, but the feeling is always continuous and fluent. The sculptures of both Curtis Rose and Harold Linke inspired different aspects of this piece.

Resplendent Ardor - 2018

The dancer’s dress reflects her movement and attitude; bright and soulful.

Daphne - 2017

All Under Heaven - 2016

Android couple dancing/ willow tree waving.

Seats Taken - 2015

Sublime Transcendence - 2015

Sticks and Stones - 2015

Natalia - 2015

Steel Ruin - 2015

Bunny - 2015

Cross - 2015

In honor of grandmother Judy Hebble & the church's 175 year celebration

Sticks and Stones - 2014

Lighter Than Some - 2014

Dancing Gear - 2014

Fat Tony - 2014

Pearock - 2013

We're All Made Here - 2013

Two For Flinching - 2013

Bald and Beautiful - 2013

Sword and Stone - 2013

Equus - 2012

Effortlessly Buoyant - 2012

Two for Flinching - 2012

It Must Be a Good Book - 2011

Metal figures of a young girl and boy atop an oversized concrete book. The girl is reading a book that has her attention to the point of acting it out. Up on her tip toes she swings her arms displaying her excitement about the story. It looks like she has forgotten about her beloved stuffed bunny she always keeps with her.

The boy is seated facing the girl and listens attentively to the story. At certain angles the viewer can see through the figures, but from a distance the figures seem solid. A closer look will reveal that the figures are composed of hundreds of individual steel pieces --flat bars and round stocks that have been cut, bent, welded, and ground to refine a specific area.

The figures are painted to retain their metallic qualities using silvers with hints of coppers and bronzes. The girl's dress is brightly colored pink, and the boy’s hat has a hint of blue. The sculpture was commissioned by the Adams Public Library System in memory of Dianne Linn, longtime library patron, former staff member, and friend of the Library. From early stages in design through installation this sculpture took just over three months to complete. The concrete base constructed in the form of a book was donated by the Hitchcock Concrete Company.

Caduceus - 2011

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