Helen Buescher

Helen lives in Decatur she is retired, but still loves drawing, painting and sculpting. She was a neighbor and mentor to Greg Mendez.

She started taking one of her 5 children to art lessons. The teacher invited her to stay for the class then after a few lessons told her she should have attended art school – so she went to school and has worked as an artist since.

Decatur, Indiana


Bear Woman - 2022

Bear Woman is from a series of Earth Mothers I created from stoneware clay and fired in my kiln around 2300 degrees F.  My love for motherhood probably came from being one of 17 children myself which explains why I try to include them in my art!  This sculpture also shows my love for Indian art and folklore.

The Lady - 2021

“This Lady is sculpted from a model using high fired stoneware clay.”

Lady - 2020

Egyptian Lady - 2019

Sculpture is molded from stoneware clay, hollowed out to 3/4 inch and fired at over 2000 degrees in a kiln. My favorite artwork has always been about mothers and children.

Mother and Child - 2016

“My favorite theme for most of my art work is mothers and children. This sculpture is molded in stoneware clay and fired in a kiln at 2300 degrees. Earth Mother (2015 exhibit) & Mother and Child are part of a series done in high fire stoneware clay and porcelain, which is my favorite medium to create my sculptures.”

Earth Mother - 2015

The Madonna - 2014

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