Tuck Langland

My reputation is based on a lifetime of creating large public sculptures, writing two sculpture books, teaching, lecturing, and museum shows. My next museum show will be at the Midwest Museum of American Art in Elkhart, Indiana, April 12-July 14 2019.
"The Tuck Langland Study Collection Show" will include 50 of my sculptures that are in their collection.

Granger, IN


Masai Bride - 2019

This was made from photos I took of a young girl in a Masai village. Behind her was Mount Kilimanjaro. In the Masai world. the young men, as they mature, sort themselves naturally into a pecking order, with the strongest and best at the top. When the men reach the age of 20-23 or so, there is a ceremony. All the young girls of childbearing age line the edges of the central space, and the men choose brides from them. I tried to show this young girl as apprehensive about who might choose her, and being very much aware of everything that was going on. Look into her eyes and see that she is looking to the side, checking out the progress of the selection.

Solitude - 2019

Solitude is part of a series of the four seasons and represents winter. She is alone and huddling in a heavy coat, contemplating the white drifts around her.

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