Mike Helbing

Mike Helbing is a sculptor living in Limestone, Tennessee. His sculptures have been featured in museums, galleries, and public spaces across the United States and in Canada. Mike grew up in the Midwest, and for a couple years lived on the east coast in the New York area. Before coming to art, he started with becoming an engineer, attending Purdue University for three years. He then went on a tour of duty with the US Army in Vietnam with the 1st division and 26th infantry in Headquarters Company. This proved to be a life changing experience. He returned in 1970, and spend the next three years studying art at Ball State University in Muncie. After graduation in 1973, the next twelve years he saw work as a waiter, potter, painter, sculptor, factory man, surveyor, sewer inspector, float builder, and government artist. Starting in 1980 he ran an art job shop in Indianapolis. In 1986, he moved to Chicago. In 1991 Mike graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Master in Fine Arts in sculpture. In 1992, he received Fellowship from the State of Illinois Art Council. He continues participating in shows and exhibitions regionally and in Canada.

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Limestone, Tennessee


Descending Angel - 2019

This sculpture symbolizes the spirit guide that accompanies the soul of the deceased  as it leaves this temporal world on it’s journey to whatever the soul goes. It is coming in for a landing to complete it’s mission, spreading as it brakes to a fluttering landing.

Piles - 2019

A chained group of pilings that protrude from the muck of a harbor.
They are placed in front of places where damage from ships and barges is likely to occur; such as docks, piers and bridges. These are resting places for sea birds and sometimes sprout weeds and even trees. Mine didn’t have anything on it, so I put a person stepping off into the abyss. To inject a bit of irony, there is a shark fin below.

The Ball and Chain - 2018

. . . has a long history. I began making spheres in Vietnam and revisited them in the 1990’s. I made more and will continue to do so. The sculptural form is the most elemental. It encompasses the most volume with the least surface area. I seem to be chained to the form. All else grows from it.

Catipilarsaurous - 2017

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