Clark Martinek

I’ve always been drawn to art’s creative process and working with metal encourages this and gives me the power to harness some of the oldest art techniques known to man. If not for the inspiring talents of metal workers and blacksmiths, which date back thousands of years, we wouldn’t have the evolution of iron we now see in the 21st century. I believe it is why we are who we are today.

Being able to create my own tools as well as create formative art is very appealing to me. It gives me the ability to create freely, proving traditional and historical blacksmith techniques can be used in today’s modern society. Having access to modern-day tools while holding true to the time-honored quality and craftsmanship of blacksmiths before me makes my sculptural work unique and interpretive.

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Mitchell, South Dakota


Messenger - 2019

What does “Messenger” mean to you? Today when we hear the word messenger most think of the app used to communicate with the world. But if we look up from our social media for just a second … We may realize we are missing the real message. 
This “Angel Messenger” is hand forged solid iron, its body and wings traditionally joined together with rivets.

Incandescence - 2019

An incandescent flame of iron and bronze.

Lovers - 2018

This hand forged iron sculpture depicts the souls of 2 lovers entwined for all eternity.

Copper Fin Sea Horse - 2018

Caught in a current of life the seahorse holds strong to the reeds below protecting his young from the chaos around them. His copper fin gleams bright like a beacon of hope in the turbulent storm. His body as strong as iron forged in the fire of courage.

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